Whether it’s a gala or garage sale, car wash or concert, your fundraiser should fit your passions and capitalize on your unique talents.  Most importantly- it should be fun!  So put your thinking cap on and start brainstorming.  But first, read our suggestions below. You may get inspired.


Fundraising Drive

Encourage your friends, family or co-workers to become monthly donors.  In the workplace, you can set up an employee payroll deduction program with your Human Resources Department.  This gives everyone the opportunity to participate at the level of giving that is comfortable for them and it provides lasting support for your hospital.


Dinner, Concert, Play Performance, Food Fair, Talent Show, Theme Party

Recruit sponsors and charge guests for admission.  Make it a night they won’t forget!  Add a raffle, live and silent auction and/or product sales.


Bowling, Golf, Softball, Tennis, Soccer Tournament

Have a set fee for individual players or teams.  Double your fundraising potential!  Add a raffle, 50/50 draw and/or auction.


Charity Recycling Program

Ask for donations of cans and bottles and return them for deposit.



Hold a 50/50 draw or raffle for prizes.  You can approach businesses for donations or raffle off unique items like a day off with pay or a car wash done by your boss.


Silent Auction

Ask vendors, clients and local businesses to donate items.  Arrange a set time for participants to bid on items displayed or hold an “e-auction.”  Simply send an e-mail listing the items and ask participants to send an e-mail back with their bid. 


Garage Sale

Collect items from your friends, neighbors and co-workers.  Advertise in your neighborhood and be prepared to sell, sell, sell!


Casual Day

Ask your co-workers to donate a set amount and let them dress casual for the day.  Better yet, hold a monthly donor sign-up drive and everyone who signs up as a monthly donor can dress casual every Friday!

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Step 1: Choose a date, time and venue

Think about what works best for your business, family or club.  Then pick a date, time and venue.


Step 2: Set a fundraising goal

Prepare a budget with proposed revenues and expected expenses.  Remember- the expenses should make up less than 50% of the gross income of the fundraising event.


Step 3: Plan your fundraising strategy

Who will attend your event?  Who will you approach for help? 


Step 4: Assign an Event Coordinator

Fundraising is all about teamwork, but someone needs to be the coach.  Assign an event coordinator.  They will be responsible for assembling a volunteer board and making sure everything gets done.


Step 5: Organize your team

Didn’t we just say that fundraising is all about teamwork?  Get as many people involved as possible and brainstorm ideas.


Step 6: Promote, Promote, Promote

Get the word out! Tell everyone about your event.


Step 7: Get out there and have fun!

Events can be a lot of fun.  Enjoy your weeks or months of planning and, of course- the big day!



Help us help you!


St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is dedicated to filling the gap between government funding and the greater needs for our hospital.  We work closely with the staff and management of the hospital to ensure all funds raised are used wisely, serve the greatest need and the most people.


When you fundraise for St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation, you are helping to:

·Purchase and upgrade vital medical equipment

·Support programs and services

·Expand and improve facilities



Your generous support helps to ensure that our hospital remains responsive to the needs of our diverse, dynamic community.  In short, the generous support of our donors – people like you – helps to ensure that St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation can deliver the best possible care when you, your loved ones or your community needs us.



Wrapping Up


Congratulations! Your event is a huge success thanks to your hard work, planning, and dedication.  Follow these steps to wrap up your fundraiser:


Step 1: Share the love

Say thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated.


Step 2: Do the math

Calculate the total funds raised and prepare financial report to your event.


Step 3: Show us the money!

Deliver the total funds raised as a cheque payable to St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation.  Please send the cheque and financial report to:


                               St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation

 130 Bayard Drive, Saint John

           NB, E2L 3L6


Step 4: Smile!

Take pride in knowing you have helped to ensure the highest quality healthcare for your community.





On behalf of all the patients of St. Joe’s, thank you for donating your time, energy and proceeds to St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation.  Your support saves lives and improves the quality of lives.



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