St. Joseph's Hospital plays a vital role in the health care of New Brunswick...  


Conveniently located in the heart of Saint John, the hospital is a multi-disciplinary healthcare gem that plays a growing role in the lives of more than 500,000 New Brunswick patients every year. With 100 years of service, St. Joseph's delivers essential and specialized medical services- some of which are unique in New Brunswick.

St.Joseph's Hospital Foundation raises funds for equipment,research and education.For over 35 years St.Joseph's Hospital Foundation has been raising funds to enhance healthcare delivery at St.Joseph's Hospital


 CAM Unit Renewal
The Cognitive Assessment Management Unit (CAM) Unit is a 20 bed inpatient unit located a t St. Joseph's Hospital; it specializes in enhancing the lives of older adults living with moderate to severe dementia or age related cognitive impairments and behavioural challenges.  The CAM unit team works together with the patient  and family to :

  • Assess the emotional, social, environmental and physical needs of each patient;
  • Develope and implement individualized treatment and care plans to stabilize behaviors;
  • Successfully transition the patient to the most appropriate home setting (community, retirement or long-term care).
 Our Goal  is  to make significant and much needed  improvements to the CAM unit supporting excellence in care for our most vulnerable patients.  Funding will be invested in the provision of a truly "dementia friendly" home like environment for patients and their families.

St.Joseph's Hospital Services

 Women's Health Centre, Urology Centre, Health and Aging Program, Diagnostic Imaging,Community Health Centre, Eye Clinic, Eye and Tissue Bank, Surgical Services

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