Kathy Woodhouse

Kathy Woodhouse - Breast Health Nurse Case Manager

How many years have you been with St. Joseph’s?

I started April 30, 2012 – I have been here 2 years and a bit. I had worked in a larger Centre previous to arriving at St Joseph’s – I was amazed at how friendly everyone was at St Joseph’s. I was so welcomed when I started at St Joseph’s. It was such a positive beginning to starting work in a new program and a new building. After being here for 2 years I continue to see the friendly environment on a daily basis. I am also impressed at how clean the facility is for an old building. I think people take pride in this little hospital and everyone works together to make for a pleasant work environment.

Tell us something unique to you about St. Joseph’s...

The little gym here is great for using in the winter months when there is too much snow on the ground to run.

What does St. Joseph’s mean to you?

I am grateful to work closely with other departments (physio, clinics, mammo, foundation). I feel there is a great spirit for team work- departments work well together to provide easy access to care for patients. Coordination of appointments for out of town patients is often arranged. The foundation offers amazing support to The Breast Health Trust Fund!!!

Hobbies outside of work?

Watching my boys sporting events- hockey, baseball, lacrosse, rugby & soccer. I love to be with my family. I love to run, especially the Irving Nature Park. Reading is a great pass time for rainy days. Spending time with friends ,especially around bonfires on nice summer evenings


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