Chris McGrath


Chris McGrath
Administration Assistant to the Facility Administrator (Heather Oakley)

How many years have you been involved with St. Joseph’s?

My job at St. Joseph’s began as a 6-week term position in July 1985. At the completion of my term, I was elated when Senior Management asked me to stay on as a Casual employee and today I am now entering my 30th year at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Tell us something unique to you about St. Joseph’s...

Two things come to mind. The first was the filming of “Fourth Floor” in 1998 starring William Hurt. I was fortunate to be able to see them film their hospital scene in Room 808, 8th Floor. Many staff were hoping to get a glimpse of the star, especially one of our patients on 6th Floor. With the assistance of staff, Mr. Hurt surprised this patient with a private 15 minute visit. It was such a special moment for her and also for the group of staff huddling around the Nurses’ station waiting for his exit via the East elevators (myself included).

The second thing I’d like to mention happened on October 29, 2004 when construction workers found a time capsule while renovating the main entrance to the hospital. A few items of the Cornerstone 1957 included a picture of the then Hospital Administrator; religious medals; Telegraph Journal 1957; press clippings; document about renovations of the day; and names of the Pope, Bishop, Sister Superior and all Sisters present on duty at St. Joseph’s. On Thursday, May 5, 2005 the time capsule was replaced with the original items along with several new items and installed in the brick wall of the newly renovated front entrance of the hospital.

What does St. Joseph’s mean to you?

I love my job, the people; it’s my second home -second family; traditional values of compassion and caring.

Hobbies outside of work?

Love spending time in my flower garden, home decorating and painting.


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