Digital Mammography for the Women’s Health Centre

The gold standard for breast cancer screening today.

Digital mammography is the gold standard today.  And with good reason.  This technology spots tumours more easily, especially in young women.  And it’s faster too.  As the primary Breast Screening Centre for the region, St. Joseph’s needed digital mammography. 


Lithotripsy Technology for the Urology Centre

Needed tool for New Brunswick’s only comprehensive Urology Centre.

Onsite lithotripsy equipment reduces wait times for treatment for painful kidney stones from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days, without invasive surgery.  New lithotripsy equipment means fewer patients suffering complications, lower healthcare costs and fewer sick days.


CT Scanner

10,000 more patients will benefit every year.

CT scans are the fastest growing diagnostic procedure in Canada.  As CT diagnostic and treatment applications expand, they are becoming and extremely valuable tool for physicians to diagnose patients and determine treatment.  An onsite CT scanner at St. Joseph’s means faster diagnoses and treatment, shorter wait-lists across the region, fewer transfers and improved outcomes for about 10,000 patients every year.











"Digital Mammography is the new gold standard.  It's where we need to go."

Dr. John Allan






"We have a very well-equipped Urology Department and one of the only two stone specialists east of Montreal."

Dr. Tom Whelan


 2019 Campaign

Supporting St.Joseph's Corneal Care and Corneal Transplants.