Ali McGill

As we celebrate our 100th Anniversary, it is our pleasure to share stories of the various familiar faces of St. Joseph's!

Ali McGill
Nurse Practitioner & Urgent Care Centre Unit Manager

How many years have you been involved with St. Joseph's?

6 Years

Tell us something unique to you about St. Joseph’s...

I believe that everyone who works in this building is proud of  the work they do and it shows patients and family members certainly feel that.

What does St. Joe’s mean to you?

St. Joe’s is a true community health centre. The services offered are comprehensive. For my work that means I can walk down the hallway and ask for help because it is a building full of expertise in a wide variety of professions an I’m always greeted with a smile

Hobbies outside of work?

I grew up playing basketball and now coach my son’s team. I enjoy skiing with my kids. And getting up incredibly early to watch hockey practice.


 2019 Campaign

Supporting St.Joseph's Corneal Care and Corneal Transplants.