2016 "Campaign for Comfort" Completed

When you think of new equipment that hospitals need you naturally think of high tech equipment with advanced technology, yet many pieces of equipment are more basic than that. consider patient treatment chairs.  While not necessarily high tech they can make an enormous impact for patients who rely on the IV Day Hospital for their care.  

The IV Day Hospital provides care to over 13,000 patients annually, including oncology patients, patients requiring blood transfusions, rehydration, wound care and intravenous antibiotics.   Treatment chairs must provide optimal comfort as patients can spend up to eight hours with us.  The clinic currently uses older style recliners that need to be replaced.  For some patients these chairs offer little comfort.  New specialized chairs will make the world of a difference for our patients in reducing pain, preventing infection and providing the care and comfort they deserve.  

Together we can enhance the comfort of the patients who rely on the IV day hospital for their care.  I thank you in advance for your generous support of St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation and the patients we serve.  Your gift today will bring comfort to patients when they need it the most.


In Gratitude,

Michael Gills

Chairman, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation




Commitments Fulfilled:

2016           All the "Little Things" (Dragon Boat Festival)

                   (Items in all departments within St.Joseph's $200,000)

2015            Breast Ultrasound

                    Health and Aging iN2L Systems

2014            Electrical Surgical Generators (Dragon Boat Festival )

                     Video Tower & Camera

                     Mini C Arm

                     Flexible Bronchoscope

                     Operating Room Table

2013               Surgical Microscope (Dragon Boat Festival )


2012           Men's Health, Urology & Prostate Equipment (Dragon Boat Festival )


2011           Lithotripter (Capital Campaign)

                    CT Scan (Capital Campaign)

                    Radiolucent Spinal Operating Table (Dragon Boat Festival 2011)


2010           Spinal Surgery Equipment (Dragon Boat Festival 2010)


2009           Snoezelin Room

                    Urology Equipment

                    Women’s Health, 2 Digital Mammography Machines (Capital


                    Eye Clinic Equipment         

                    Leisure Wellness Garden (Dragon Boat Festival 2009)


2008            Equipment and furnishings for Health & Aging Program


                    Rehabilitation Services

                    Women’s Health

                    Donations to other St. Joseph’s Hospital Programs

                    Urology Equipment

                    Day Surgery Expansion (Dragon Boat Festival 2008)